Every member of the lab must complete the course: UC Davis Laboratory Safety Fundamentals, which you can also access on the  UC Learning website.  Once you have completed this online training, you will go through the site-specific orientation and training for new laboratory personnel in lab.

If you are working with mammalian cells, you must also complete Bloodborne Pathogens Training and Biosafety Level 2 Training on the UC Learning website.

Please review the following plans on the MCB Safety Management Website.  These plans are updated every year and must be reviewed annually by all lab members.

Molecular and Cellular Biology Department Illness and Injury Prevention Plan

Molecular and Cellular Biology Department Emergency Action Plan


Please review the Laboratory Safety Manual, including Chemical Hygiene Plan, which is also updated yearly.

Safety Data Sheet Resources:


Specific SDSs for hazardous chemicals in the lab:

Ethidium Bromide: sc-203735

Nickel sulfate hexahydrate: MSDS nickel (II) sulfate

Kanamycin monosulfate: KANAMYCIN MONO SULFATE 5G

Boric acid: S25202A

2-Mercaptoethanol: MERCAPTOETHANOL 100G

Demecolcine: 477-30-5_Sigma-Aldrich


Chloramphenicol: CHLORAMPHENICOL 100G

IPTG: r036

Paraformaldehyde: PARAFORMALDEHYDE R 500G

TFA: msds.php

HCl: msds.php-2

Acetic Acid: msds.php-3

Ethanol: 001114

Methanol: VT430

Isopropyl Alcohol: LC15750

Formic Acid:

Sodium Hydroxide: SODIUM HYDROXIDE, 50% SO 10LT

Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate (SDS): sodium_dodecyl_sulfate_SDS